Monday, May 27, 2013

I can be a good diaper girl...

I can be a good diaper girl when I want to... its just I usually dont want to hehhehhe!! But all this week I was a really really good girl so Daddy let me have lots of treats this weekend!

I had ice cream sundaes, I got to play outside, Daddy got me a new bikini for the beach, and I got lots of pretty bubble bath soaps!! But I'm definitely over being a good girl for a little while heehehe... this week its back to naughty diaper girl Cali!!

kissies, Cali
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Monday, April 15, 2013

Spank and Play Princess

Have you ever met a sweeter spank and play Princess? Nope! Heeheehee!! I just love getting myself into lots of trouble so I know Daddy will have to punish me. Daddy gets so angry he just has to give me a good firm spanking... and usually Daddy gets really excited during the spanking heehee! Afterwards he's all red and worked up he usually just unzips his pants and.... woopsie!

Heehee, now thats naughty! Playing after a spanking is so fun!

Kissies, Cali

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Touch Me

It can be so much fun to just touch! I love feeling big hands run up my tummy so my soft titties. Or up my thigh to brush over my panties. Soft sweet kissies on my neck and shoulder. Light fingers tickling down my back. 
Even though I like lots more than touching (hehehe) sometimes it can be fun to just touch and tickle!

kissies, Cali

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Be My Valentine!

So what are your fun Valentine's Day plans? I'm still tryna figure out what I'm gonna do. On the top of my list is eat lots of yummy sugary Valentine's sweets. Cookies and chocolates and sticky chewy caramels! MMMmmm yummy! Hehehe and Daddy always says that I'm sooo much fun when I've got a sugar rush - 'course he usually rolls his eyes when he says that hehehe!
Maybe we can play together on Valentine's Day? Whatdaya think? Will you be my Valentine?

Kissies, Cali
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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Practicing Mommy

Lately I've been practicing being a mommy to see if its any fun. And guess what -- it is!! I can diaper myself really good now and I need some other ABies to practice on so I can get it perfectly. And I really wanna try feeding other ABies with baby food and bottles. Maybe I can even breastfeed like a real mommy!! And we all know I'm already pretty good at disciplining heheh!
Call me so I can practice being a mommy some more! I think I'm gonna be really good at it!!

kissies, Cali

Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas Hurry Up!!!

OMG is it Christmas yet??? I'm going a little crazy waiting. A couple of weeks ago Daddy said that Santa would be watching me till Christmas to make sure that I was being a good little ABy girl, or else I wouldn't get any presents. Know what I said? I said, "Pfffffft, yeah right! No way can Santa be watching all the ABies in the whole world at the same time!" But then Daddy said that Santa had secret undercover elves everywhere spying. OMG!! So now I have to be a good girl for another week, and its driving me CRAZY!!! Yesterday I almost had a tantrum like four times, but  I had to hold it all in!
UGH!! Christmas hurry up!!

kissies, Cali

Sunday, November 18, 2012

ABy Daycare

I got in trouble at ABy daycare this week! I asked the teacher if I could go to the potty because I'm supposed to be potty training... daddy's been letting me wear big girl panties sometimes, but sometimes I still have to wear a diaper.

Anyway, the teacher let me go to the potty... but the real reason I wanted to go was 'cause I wanted to put my hand down my panties and play! Well it woulda been fine, but the stupid ol Jimmy, one of the other ABies, had to go and stick his nose in my business! He came in the bathroom and peeked under my stall and saw what I was doing, and then he ran and tattled on me to the teacher!

I had to go in time-out, AND they told my daddy, so I got in double trouble!!

kissies, Cali